Welcome to Paris !!!

We are very happy to welcome you to our city and our club if you want to come to a training session or share a moment of conviviality.

If you would like more information contact us : contact@frontrunnersparis.org

Paris Front Runners

An inclusive club for all !

Who are we?

Formed in 1992, the Paris Front runners association is an inclusive LGBT-friendly  running club (open to anyone).

Part of the Lesbian and gay sportive federation (FSGL), our club through running participates in integrating LGBTQ+ and HIV positive people.

We have over 300 members and have regular runs four times a week in various place in Paris (Buttes Chaumont park, Bois de Vincennes…) or on a field. We also have regular cultural and social events (drinks, visits, exhibitions, dinners …)

In France and abroad

Inspired by Patricia Nell Waren’s novel The Front Runner, the first Front Runner club began in San Francisco in 1974, and other FR clubs quickly began forming in the United States, then in Canada and abroad. There are currently about a hundred Front Runner clubs around the world, for instance in Berlin, Cologne, London, Manchester, Chicago, New York etc...

They are as diverse as where they are situated and all share common values such as inclusion and diversity.

In France, it is in Paris that the first Front Runners club was established in 1992.

Today you will find Front Runners in Lyon, Marseille, Nice and Lille.

To learn more about our movement or to get in touch with a Front Runners club, in France or abroad, you can check : International Front Runners WebSite


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